many? name 10 (that have regained presence in the wild, not just zoo populations)... Note. I'm not saying there isn't educational value in zoos, that they haven't got an important role in conservation research, or that it isn't better to have animals there than extinct, but I think you're overplaying the ability of… » 3/09/14 4:05am 3/09/14 4:05am

In England 3pm kick offs are not televised live to protect attendances (92 teams, small population). So, what you're watching is a Sky Sports show Soccer Saturday, where, as you've correctly guessed the viewer watches Pundits watching games and reacting. It's actually not bad, has a real cult following and spawned an… » 3/01/14 4:22pm 3/01/14 4:22pm

Would you not agree that your superiors, and propaganda, are going to get you to buy into this mentality? There are plenty of examples of the reverse (see Personally, I went to Hebron a few years ago to visit a friend and watched settlers, defended by the IDF, launching stones at Arab… » 2/04/14 5:47pm 2/04/14 5:47pm

True, but the roads are a LOT wider. I live in LA now, but grew up in England, and I agree with jaywalking tickets on the principal that it is dangerous to cross 4 lanes of cars willy nilly, but $197 is exorbitant, and they do just sit at intersections, where people are crossing almost legally (they make it just after… » 12/27/13 6:03am 12/27/13 6:03am

This isn't correct, a defense attorney isn't necessarily trying to get their client off the charges , but to ensure they get a fair sentence (e.g. avoid the death penalty). My friend's Mom is a public defender, in a very underprivileged area and I think it's actually one of the most worthy things you can do. A lot of… » 12/18/13 12:18pm 12/18/13 12:18pm

There's a lot out there (it's part of what I'm doing for my Ph.D), but the results tend to be specific to species, and/or populations given the relative costs (violence, coercion, infanticide) and benefits (see below) to females at a given site. Yes, from a female mate choice standpoint, in some species females might… » 11/11/13 11:47pm 11/11/13 11:47pm

You're right, they have "all the money" not because they have some Sheikh's pocket book; it's 1) because the Spanish TV deals are ridiculously loaded towards Real and Barca to the point no one else will ever get near and 2) the Spanish Government/Santander Bank give them favorable loan rates allowing them to buy… » 8/22/13 6:48pm 8/22/13 6:48pm

Sorry to be pedantic, but there is actually no evidence for racial/genetic differences being the main cause of geographic differences in sporting success.

What it actually seems to be is a mixture of cultural factors such as training programs, level of reward, equipment, popular interest, kids running to school… » 7/24/13 3:09pm 7/24/13 3:09pm